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WCVB-TV Channel 5

WCVB-TV is Boston’s ABC affiliate with a reach of over 4.8 million adults. For more information, click the circle above.


VMC Services has years of experience in television production. Clients need to advertise a product or service with a memorable commercial that is entertaining while conveying important information. From concept to completion, our experienced team works to ensure our client objectives are met on time and at an affordable price point.
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Why Tv Advertising is Key to Consumer Decision Making

TV advertising creates significant awareness. This is the first and most important step in the consumer
decision making process.
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The Team

Raelene Houck

A couple of years out of college, Raelene joined SBTV shortly after it opened in Boston in 1993. After 3 years as the top seller, she moved on to try other businesses only to return to SBTV in January of 2002. One of the reasons for her return was the fact that many advertisers that she had put on the air before, were still advertising with SBTV – a great testament to the fact that the program works! Raelene holds a BS in Business from the University of Richmond. A lifelong MA resident, Raelene is happy to still be in MA with her husband, and her two teenage children (a son and daughter).

Dean Conomikes

Dean has been working in the media industry for over 25 years. He started his career with USA Today. Dean also worked in the radio industry before founding SBTV Advertising. He created a sales program that utilized cost sharing making it affordable for local companies to benefit from the power of broadcast television. His cost sharing program has been successfully used by hundreds of local companies throughout the country. Dean has also worked with local media companies in over 75 markets. He has trained hundreds of media reps on how to develop new local business. His programs have generated well over 50 million in new business revenue for his media partners. Dean holds a BS in Communications from the University of Pittsburgh. A long-time Pittsburgh resident, he also devotes as much time as he can to local causes in his community. Deans wife and business partner Kara are the proud parents of three daughters.

Kara Conomikes

Kara joined SBTV in 1996 as a Partner and CFO after a successful medical marketing career at the SWPA Eye Center. She was raised just south of Pittsburgh in Washington, Pa. Kara is passionate about the detail in every facet of our business. She has a knack for bringing order to the chaos we sometimes find ourselves surrounded by in a fast paced organization. Attention to detail allows her to find useful solutions for everyone. Kara has a business degree from George Washington University and uses it to keep us in financial order. When Kara is not crunching the numbers she can be found exercising or enjoying a good episode of Grey’s Anatomy as well as serving on local educational boards. However most of her time away from work is focused on raising her three beautiful daughters.


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